Football Drama “HD” Update Now On Itch

You can now update Football Drama and get a full-featured version built for desktops: 

This is a big update for desktop users, as with this the entire application layouts have been redesigned to use the whole landscape mode space. We hope you’ll appreciate the new layouts!

Moreover, you can play with a controller (or even keyboard):

We have a new “night mode” - some matches are played in the evenings. We also introduced some post-processing for the graphics of the whole application, and you can see both effects in action here:

There also some bug fixes and a new badge, that you may get when you meet a journalist and the major plot is revealed...

A reference to periodical football corruption scandals that are one of the distinguishing features of this sport.

(By the way here is the custom achievement site that we've built for Football Drama.)

And last but not least, Football Drama is now available also on the Nintendo Switch!


FootballDramaItch460 .zip 312 MB
May 31, 2021

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