Three updates coming: night mode, HD, content expansion...

Football Drama in the next two months will get three big updates.

Feature update
One nice new feature that we found can improve a lot the gameplay experience for some players is the “sped up mode”, available in Settings, that speeds up the matches gameplay so that the flow from deciding between a cautious and a risky move is quicker. This option also removes the enter fields animations and the replays.

We have a new “night mode” - some matches are played in the evenings. We also introduced some post-processing for the graphics of the whole application, and you can see both effects in action here:

There also some bug fixes and a new badge.

HD version with controller & keyboard support
This is a big update for desktop users, as with this the entire application layouts have been redesigned to use the whole landscape mode space. Together with this, we introduced controller (and keyboard) support, and that is a really nice way to play matches.

Content expansion update
We are writing and developing an expansion of Football Drama’s narrative, both in the sheer number of dialogues and in variety of contents for looping events (e.g. meeting the press). Moreover, there will also be a Japanese localized version, and a Nintendo Switch porting.

All these will of course be free updates!

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Jun 11, 2020

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