Better Narrative & Matches

This Football Drama update is "major" because we improved several aspects of the game also in consequence of the feedback received. The main new features are:

  • After every training and for each successful card played, you get detailed feedback about your team's state compared with your current opponent. This is something several players requested. This reveals a lot of background, so we tried to make it so that it does not "break the magic" of how matches go.
  • We introduced more variations in the narrative (e.g. press meetings), with more integration between matches and Rocco's life, and removed some end of match loops ("handshakegate") after the first championship weeks.
  • Specifically for the mobile version: if you play it on a high-resolution tablet, you can play it in landscape mode, getting the additional features available on HD layouts.

Minor improvements:

  • Action replays improved.
  • Improved the AI on some match actions.
  • Minor font size issues in non-English versions.

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